Shadows of the Past

Folklore & History of the Heritage Highway

Two hundred years on there’s still plenty of ways to get held up on the Heritage Highway.

Keep an eye out between Tunbridge and Kempton for sixteen silhouettes. Some are quite close to the road; some are high on the hilltops. What stories can they tell us about the history of this intriguing region?

Take a tour through the Heritage Highway Silhouette Trail

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emus chaingang Bushranger gentlemangig hangman horserider policeman pulley shepherd soldiers stagecoach stagecoach_kemptonnorth stagecoach_kemptonnsouth surveyor tigers waiting

The Artists

Shadows of the Past is a project initiated by local artists, Folko Kooper and Maureen Craig, that puts a contemporary slant on the eighteenth century art form of the silhouette, creating poignant reminders of early colonial life on the Heritage Highway.

The Research

This material is drawn from records kept meticulously by the colonial authorities.  There is no such comprehensive record of Aboriginal voices of the time. We can try to imagine the Aboriginal peoples’ experiences. It is likely they would tell a very different story of these events.


View map showing the locations of the silhouettes

Download the Shadows of the Past Silhouettes Brochure

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