Customer Service

Southern Midlands Council has two Customer Service Centres, one at Oatlands and the other is at Kempton. They are both open between 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Southern Midlands Council
71 High Street
Oatlands, Tasmania, 7120

Please Note:

There is also a Service Tasmania Centre housed in the Council Chambers at Oatlands
Opening Hours Monday to Friday 11.00am to 4.00pm

Southern Midlands Council
85 Main Street
Kempton, Tasmania, 7030

Southern Midlands Council Customer Service Centres provide professional and quality customer service so that results for customers are achieved in a positive manner, within the legislative frameworks in which Council has to operate. Our Customer Service Officers are motivated and focused in their roles. We are the first point of contact for most frontline Council services and the Customer Service Centres are responsible for managing and / or facilitating customer contact whether the enquiry is in person, phone, correspondence, or on-line. Our purpose is to provide exceptional frontline service by offering efficient and effective service delivery.

What we do:

  • Have a strong desire to help our Customers and our Community
  • Seek feedback from Customers to help improve services and tell us when we are getting it right
  • Commit to our Customer Service Charter
  • Ensure services are efficient and effective providing value for money
  • Respect and support our Customers
  • Delivers quality customer service in a professional manner

Please see our Customer Service Charter, which articulates our operational standards and aspirations.

Click Here to to view or download the Customer Service Charter

We would be very pleased if you provided us feedback and let us know if we met, or indeed exceeded your expectations, along with meeting our agreed standards, when you last called.

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