Bylaws & Legislation

In the three spheres of Government in Australia, there is the Australian Government, the Tasmanian State Government, and then there is Local Government. Local Government is tasked with working under both Australian Government legislation as well as the Tasmanian State Government legislation. Council’s across Tasmania conduct their operations under the legislative framework and authority of the Local Government Act 1993.


Council By-laws take over where other legislation leaves off - while the Local Government Act provides general rules about many things, it recognises that these may not be sufficient to enable Council to carry out its functions successfully so it gives it (Council) the power to make “By-laws”.

To make a By-law Council must follow the procedures set out in the Act. Each By-law is tailored to address the specific requirements of Southern Midlands and, as specified in the Act, has a life of no more than 10 years from the date it comes into effect, which is usually the date the by-law is advertised in the Tasmanian Government Gazette.

At this point in time Southern Midlands Council does not have any by-laws.


As well as the Local Government Act 1993, other pieces of Tasmanian legislation have a significant impact on operation and activities of councils including, but not limited to the following State Government legislation:

The Australia Government then has their respective set of legislation.


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