Artist in Residence Program

The old Oatlands Gaoler’s Residence is a substantial stone building with a  unique history, one that includes the execution of 18 men over 20 years. Nowadays, the Gaoler’s Residence is managed by Council, and we are always looking for new ways to use this iconic building.

The Artist-in-Residence program offers artists the opportunity to stay in the top floor of the building – what used to be the home for Gaolers and their families. This affords our Artists-in-Residence the opportunity to take inspiration from any aspect they like of the Southern Midlands. To give just a few examples, this might be the historic buildings, the beautiful landscape values, or the people of the midlands.

SMC Artist in Residence guidelines 

Artists accepted into the program are allowed to stay at the gaol free of charge, the only obligation being to provide to Council one work of art from their stay here. In this way, we will build up over time a collection of different perspectives on the people, history and landscapes of the midlands. Wherever possible, we encourage our artists-in-residence to hold an exhibition, to give locals a chance to see the outcome of their stay in the midlands.

Past Artists

Antoinette Karsten
Francisca Karsten
Henrietta Manning
Jesse Eynon

Arts Tasmania Webpage

For artists interested in applying for the program, please email Council's Heritage Projects Officer Alan Townsend  email Alan Townsend 



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