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is a Hunter Island Press and Southern Midlands Council project in which members have re-interpreted the physical site of this authentic Georgian Village and former important colonial gaol. Hunter Island Press is a Hobart based professional print organisation and studio based at the Wirksworth historical property in Bellerive.

Over some months, participants have visited the Oatlands area and historical buildings. In addition they have attended a presentation by local Heritage Officer Alan Townsend on the buildings and through historic wallpapers have become acquainted with the screenprinting process traditionally used to produce the large variety of papers in the Old Gaol collection.

THE EXHIBITION is on display at the Oatlands Supreme Courthouse, and is centred on a series of 80 images each one 210mm X210mm,  printed using traditional printmaking techniques and assembled in the form of five traditional colonial quilt/panels. These will be gifted to the Southern Midlands Council.

Queensland installation artist and member of HIP, Wendy McGrath has  prepared 6 intervention pieces that will be located in spaces throughout the galleries. She encourages visitors to sit and read journal extracts of her ancestor John Lakeland, who was Chief Superintendent of Convicts under Governor Arthur.

Other larger framed works, wrapped prints, cards and 3D objects are also on show, at the courthouse and in art galleries on the main street.


SARAH ROBERT-TISSOT  President   0417 590 628
CAROLYN CANTY  Project Coordinator   0488 386 853

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