Recreation and Facilities

The Southern Midlands is committed to increasing participation by residents in their preferred physical and social recreation activities enhancing the quality of experiences derived during these activities, providing a wider range of personal and community benefits through recreation

Sport and Recreation Development Officer

Southern Midlands has created the position of Community Recreation Officer, whose primary role is to be responsible for increasing participation of residents of the municipality in physical and social recreation through marketing and promotion, coordination and partnerships with community and sporting groups and other agencies and through the provision of recreation planning input to Council’s strategic and policy development process. The position is responsible for the implementation of Council’s Recreation Plan.

Southern Midlands Recreation Committee

Council has a Southern Midlands Facilities and Recreation Committee that meets at the municipal offices, Oatlands, several times per year .

Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings.

The Committee Members are as follows:

  • Councillor Don Fish (Chairman)
  • Councillor Edwin Batt
  • Councillor Tony Bantick

Council & Community Hall & Recreation facilities

Council Halls and Recreation Ground Contact List

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