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Southern Midlands Councils has a small team (approximately 50 FTE) of people who work with the General Manager in providing services to the Community of the Southern Midlands local government area. To provide the best value in performing the required roles and responsibilities for our Community, this team comprises the following mixture of labour engagement methods, full time employment, part time, permanent part time, casual, contract, along with resource sharing with other local authorities. From time to time vacancies do arise within the team and advertisements are placed in the  Tasmanian Mercury , under Classifieds and Positions section, with position descriptions and associated documents being placed on this web site.

There are currently no positions vacant.

Preparing your Application

The attached document will assist you in preparing an application for a position with Southern Midlands Council

Advice on Preparing Your Application 

Casual Employment Register

Southern Midlands Council maintains an employment register to assist in filling casual employment opportunities in irregular and intermittent employment with us.  

The register is used by Council to search for suitable candidates when a casual vacancy may arise. These casual positions are often required to be filled at short notice. Casual positions are intermittent with hours and working days varying dependent on the position requirements.

Casual employees may be required in the following departments within Council:- Outdoor works staff; cleaners; animal control; engineering / technical and administration.  

If you wish to be included on our casual employment register, send your resume (including details of appropriate skills and qualifications) to mail@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au

Candidates may be contacted to assess their suitability & availability as employment opportunities arise. 

The casual register will be advertised on an annual basis.

Council’s policy requires all permanent positions to be advertised in the Hobart Mercury so any people on the Casual Employment Register will need to keep an eye on the Positions Vacant section of the newspaper.

For any enquiries please contact Andrew Benson, Deputy General Manager on 6254 5050 or abenson@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au during business hours.


A career in Local Government is for people with a desire to, work with, assist and improve their local Community. Southern Midlands Council offers an environment of challenge, growth and broad experiences that can benefit your career. More information in respect of LG careers is available from the Local Government Association of Tasmania.


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