Touring the Southern Midlands and Heritage Highway Region

The Southern Midlands and Heritage Highway takes you through our island's scenic Midlands. This is farming country, green and gold hillscapes dotted with sheep famous for their superfine wool, cattle and poppy fields, hawthorn hedges and winding streams. The skies are wide and in the north, ringed by distant mountain ranges, snowcapped in winter.

The area is dotted with historic villages. Lively metal sculptures along the roadside depict the bushrangers, convicts and colonial settlers for whose colourful past the highway is named. Watch out for the highwayman!

The original highway was constructed by convict labour. The drive between Launceston and Hobart now takes two and a half hours but allow yourself time to stop and enjoy the many attractions en route. Numerous sideroads lead you to villages off the beaten track, and you can choose from a variety of accommodation options.

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