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Southern Midlands Community Infrastructure Plan Development

Quotations are invited from suitably experienced and qualified organisations for the development of a Community Infrastructure Plan for the Southern Midlands.

The project documentation can be obtained and must be submitted electronically at the Southern Midlands Council website www.southernmidlands.tas.gov.au/tenders via the
Southern Midlands Electronic Tendering Portal.

Submissions must address the assessment criteria in the context of the objectives and deliverables of the project which are detailed in the RFQ below

Southern Midlands Community Infrastructure Plan - Request for Quotation


The objectives of the project are to:

1.        Undertake a desk-top review of the existing Southern Midlands Recreation Plan 2006 for the purpose of providing a base understanding of the relevant issues and existing infrastructure (at that time);

2.        Understand the community and key stakeholders’ vision for the municipality and identify community expectations as to the level of infrastructure council is expected to provide;

3.        Identify current gaps in existing community infrastructure provision factoring in current trends regarding sport and recreational activities and participation rates;

4.        Ensure that Southern Midlands is sufficiently supplied with community infrastructure based on growth projections and demographic trends to 2042 relevant to ABS statistical areas;

5.        Ensure community infrastructure is distributed as equitably as possible;

6.        Understand community infrastructure needs in terms of health & wellbeing, quantities, locations, and ease of access to services;

7.        Understand Council’s role in the provision of the necessary community infrastructure, be it directly responsible, in conjunction/collaboration with other providers or municipalities, or advocating on behalf of the community for adequate provision.

For the purposes of the Plan, community infrastructure can be defined as all buildings and spaces that provide services and activities or opportunities for same, and may be provided by either government, not-for-profit organisations or the private sector. They may be used by our residents for a wide range of community, cultural, recreational and sporting pursuits, both formally and informally.


1.    Conduct a project initiation meeting with the Steering Committee and further meetings at key stages of the project.

2.    Undertake consultation with key stakeholders and the community to identify expectations and needs regarding community infrastructure. Summarise the outcomes and key insights from the consultation. 

3.  Undertake a literature and policy review of:

a. National and State Government strategies relevant to the provision of community infrastructure and how they impact Southern Midlands locally.

b. Council’s existing strategies relevant to the provision of community infrastructure; and 

c. Any other relevant documents or data, including research trends such as current and projected community needs data and possible local implications. 

4. Develop a demographic profile of the Southern Midlands area, including population projections and analysis of various demographic characteristics to 2042. Provide insights into the implications for community infrastructure provision based on the demographic profile. 

5. Undertake a community infrastructure audit, including number of facilities, size and characteristics of each facility, utilisation of existing facilities and whether existing infrastructure is fit for purpose.

6. Prepare a Community Infrastructure Plan to be endorsed by Council.  The Plan should reflect the findings from items 2-5 above.  These should be used as the basis to provide detailed community infrastructure recommendations and include, but not limited to, the following details:

a.    Facility type.
b.    Components/likely services/facility model.
c.    Key design issues (if relevant).
d     Catchment size/area
e.    Potential users.
f.     General location.
g. Required land area.
h. Building footprint size (if required).
i. Council’s role in delivery.
j. Lead agency and other relevant agencies.
k. Suggested timing/priority.
l. Indicative costings and possible funding model.

The Plan should include a map showing suggested locations and configurations of infrastructure. 

7. Undertake further consultation with key stakeholders and the community on the Draft Plan and amend the Plan as necessary based on feedback. 

8. Present the Final Plan to Council for its endorsement. 

Further enquiries in respect of this project should be directed to the Deputy General Manager, Andrew Benson on (03) 6254 5050 during normal office hours, or via email abenson@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au.
Submissions close at 4.00pm Tuesday 17 October 2023.

T F Kirkwood


Code for Tenders and Contracts

The purpose of this Code for Tenders and Contracts is to provide a policy framework on best practice tendering and procurement methods in line with the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) and the Local Government Regulations 2005 (Regulations).

With this Code council aims to achieve the purchasing principles of:

  • open and effective competition;
  • value for money
  • enhancement of the capabilities of local business and industry; and
  • ethical behaviour and fair dealing.

The Local Government Act 1993 requires every council to adopt a code relating to tenders and contracts.

This Code:

  • is consistent with the Act and the Regulations; and
  • includes procedures and guidelines for any prescribed matter.

Southern Midlands Council Code for Tenders and Contracts


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