Natural Resource Management

The Southern Midlands Council is committed to working in partnership with the community to encourage public awareness of the importance of Natural Resource Management.

The Southern Midlands Council has sought to promote the integration of agricultural management practices with environment conservation in order to achieve sustainable land management. This is being achieved through developing and supporting community natural resource management projects both at the group and individual level. The program also involves working with neighboring municipal councils, non government organisations such as the University of Tasmania, Greening Australia or the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, as well as State and Federal Government agencies. For a number of current projects, the partnership approach between Council and other relevant organisations is assisting to maximise opportunities to fulfill objectives.

The Southern Midlands Council is committed to the management of weeds within the Municipality and is working with landholders and other agencies to achieve positive outcomes.  The Southern Midlands Weed Management Strategy 2020-2025  was endorsed by Council in December 2019. This follows on from the 20 years of strategic weed control undertaken since the strategy was first developed in 1999.

Current Staff employed
  • Maria Weeding - Projects Officer & Manager Landcare Unit (part time)
  • Helen Geard - NRM Facilitator (part time)
  • Weeds Officer - Currently Vacant (part time)

Maria and Trees


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