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Bushlinks500, an environmental project managed by Southern Midlands Council, has recently been completed. Bushlinks500 site works were undertaken on 11 farms and the following outcomes were achieved:

  1. 444 hectares of protected native vegetation remnants – achieved through fencing and weed control; and
  2. 126 hectares of native vegetation re-establishment and regeneration – achieved through i) replanting of up to 30 species of site appropriate native shrubs and trees and 6 species of native perennial grasses, and ii) controlled grazing to assist in the regeneration of perennial grassland.

Priority areas for Project site works were determined through detailed modelling of important aspects of the Midlands and surrounding landscapes to identify where combinations of important factors aligned, for example: vegetation type, conservation significance, reservation status, patch size, vegetation health, and position in the landscape.

Funds for BushLinks500 were obtained by Southern Midlands Council and Project partners from the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund Program in June 2012.

What benefits is BushLinks500 delivering?

Anticipated benefits on-farm include:

  • Protection of vegetation remnants.
  • Treatment of threatening processes such as tree dieback and weed invasion.
  • Rejuvenation of identified pasture country through the use of perennial grasses (in combination with ongoing managed grazing). The perennial grass mix included six species of palatable, nutritious native species such as kangaroo grass, weeping grass and wallaby grasses plus allow for inclusion of other species of perennial grasses as determined in consultation with the landholder.
  • Promoting of grazing management that sustains cover of nutritious and hardy perennial grasses.

Anticipated benefits for the regional environment:

  • Conservation of important vegetation communities.
  • Consolidation of patches of remnant vegetation (including stream-side vegetation).
  • Improved habitat for the region’s flora and fauna.
  • Improved ecosystem function through restoring vegetation connectivity.
  • Establishment of perennial pasture that includes drought tolerant native grasses

Project Partners

Southern Midlands Council’s Partners in Bushlinks500 were:

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