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For further information in Southern Midlands please contact

  • David Cundall in respect of Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Maria Weeding in respect of Lake Dulverton Conservation Area
  • Andrew Benson in respect of Recreation Grounds and Council Halls.

Some statistics

How many people volunteer?

131,000 volunteers give 49,000 hours on any day to 5,000 organisations across Tasmania.

In 2010, 6.1 million people (36%) of the Australian population aged 18 years and over participated in voluntary work, with women (38%) more likely to volunteer than men (34%).

Estimated no. of Volunteers in Australia

  • ABS Survey 2006 - 5.2 million
  • ABS Survey 2010 - 6.1 million

Why do they volunteer?

“ The difference I make to the community” and “ The sense of purpose it gives me” were the two most frequently mentioned things volunteers valued most about their volunteering experience in the National Survey of Volunteering Issues (Volunteering Australia, 2011, p9).

Other interesting statistics across Australia

  • The total annual hours volunteered was 713 million hours.
  • The median weekly number of hours volunteered was 1.1hrs.
  • The median annual number of hours volunteered was 56hrs.


Volunteering Tasmania is the Statewide organisation that assist volunteers in Tasmania:

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