Oatlands Key Access

The ‘Oatlands Key’ system allows access to the following Southern Midlands Council operated heritage buildings in Oatlands: 1829 Oatlands Supreme Courthouse & 1836 Oatlands Gaoler’s Residence.

Visitors can collect the Oatlands fob key from participating High Street businesses (listed below) who display the ‘Oatlands Key’ sign.

A deposit is required at the time of obtaining the key, which is fully refundable on return. The fob key allows visitors to unlock each building that has been fitted with an electronic card reader. Aside from offering the opportunity to visit the historic buildings, visitors will also be able to view the archeological and heritages collection items on display as well as the information panels telling the history of the site. A map is provided enabling visitors to easily navigate the short distance between the buildings.

This key system was implemented through receipt of a Tasmanian Community Fund Grant.

Keys available from:

  • Oatlands Antiques – 78 High Street, Oatlands
  • Wooden Spoon Café – 56 High Street, Oatlands
  • Historical Society – 107 High Street, Oatlands
  • Feisty Hen Café & Pantry – 94 High Street, Oatlands
  • Southern Midlands Council – 71 High Street, Oatlands

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