Hire of Heritage Buildings

Southern Midlands Council are the owner of several heritage buildings which are available for public use.  These can be made available for free (if use is in accordance with the various building usage policies) - generally these are available for arts/heritage/cultural events and exhibitions which are freely available for the public to attend (other uses, and uses which are 'for-profit' may be accommodated at the discretion of the General Manager, however these may incur a fee for usage). 

Oatlands Supreme Court House:  This building has a large exhibition space in three rooms and includes a large central hall which can seat up to 50 people.  There is a small kitchenette (tea/coffee facilities and some provision for serving of pre-prepared food).  This building has level-access and has a universal-access toilet (in a building at rear).

Oatlands Gaoler's Residence:  This building has two large exhibition rooms and a central hallway.  There is a small kitchenette (tea/coffee facilities and some provision for serving of pre-prepared food).  Note that the kitchen and toilet in this building are upstairs.  This building can also be used for 'Artist in Residence' purposes (see www.southernmidlands.tas.gov.au/heritage-artist-in-residence

Kempton (Green Ponds) Watch House:  This small building is ideal for small exhibitions and events (standing room for around 20 people).  There are no catering facilities.  Toilets are available nearby at the rear of Victoria Memorial Hall. 

Please note that none of these premises are suitable for larger-scale catering (e.g. meals).  Council reserves the right to limit usage which may have an impact on the buildings or exhibits therein. 

For enquiries, please contact Brad Williams on 0418 303184 or bwilliams@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au 

In addition the Heritage Hub at 79 High Street may be available for events (e.g. book launches) - Please contact Michelle Webster on 0403 893257 or mwebster@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au 

The Oatlands Commissariat may also be available for occasional events (e.g. training events/conferences) - Please contact Tegan Davies (Centre for Heritage) on 0428 776 252 or tegan@centreforheritage.com.au 

All enquiries can also be made through Council's Oatlands or Kempton Offices click here for contact details. 

Availability for a particular date and time can be checked at smcvenues@skedda.com (bookings then to be made through the contacts above).

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