Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • A safe and secure future, and a quality and pace of life for our residence and future generations consistent with country living and our unique cultural heritage.
  • A community spirit based on friendliness, co-operation and self-help.
  • An environment, which encourages local creativity, enterprise and innovation.
  • A diversified local economy creating employment opportunities through sustainable agriculture, heritage tourism, forestry and viable historic towns/service centres.
  • Development based on the proper management of local resources and the physical environment.
  • A range and standard of services within the Southern Midlands Council, which meet local, needs and are affordable and efficient.

Our Mission

The Mission for the corporation of Council identifies the role and purpose of the Council. Councillors and senior staff have developed the mission. The Council in partnership with the community will:

  • Work for the benefit of the community
  • Be forward looking and provide leadership
  • Operate as a team of Councillors and staff focused upon performance
  • Be financially responsible

Our Guiding Principles

Council and staff will:

  • Consult and listen to our customers and employees by maintaining open communication;
  • Treat people with respect and courtesy;
  • Give advice to the best of our professional ability;
  • Be sensitive to the needs of Residents;
  • Respond promptly to Customers concerns and requests;
  • Be fair, equitable and consistent in decisions and conduct;
  • Fully utilise the expertise and resources available to Council within the organisation and the Community;
  • Develop the full potential of Councillors and staff;
  • Operate in accordance with the “Code of Conduct” adopted by Council.

View or download the Code of Conduct for Employees, Contractors & Volunteers.

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