Council Policies

These are formal frameworks in which Council provide a consistency in administering legislation requirements or in handling specific matters pertinent to the Southern Midlands, eg Dog Management Policy, Risk Management Policy.

The process that Council has in adopting a policy is that, where appropriate, Community consultation is undertaken, following that, a report along with a draft policy is presented at a Council meeting of elected members, Council considers the information and elected members have the opportunity to provide their considered views for debate and deliberation, a decision is then taken and the policy is normally approved in draft with amendments and is required to be brought back to the next Council meeting for further consideration and final adoption as a Council policy.

Current Policies

Artist in Residence Policy
Asset Management Policy
Asset Management Strategy

Business Continuity Management Policy

Children Safety and Wellbeing Policy
Community Based Transport Solutions Policy
Community Consultation Policy
Code of Conduct for Employees and Other Workers
Code of Conduct for Elected Members
Customer Service Charter

 Dog Management Policy
Donations and Community Support
Dust Suppressant Policy

Financial Hardship Assistance Policy

Heritage Collections Policy

Guide to Community Consultation

Management of Trees on Council Land Policy
Mobile Food Vendor Policy

Oatlands Gaolers Residence & Supreme Court House Use Policy

Payment of Councillor Allowances Expenses Provision of Facilities Policy July 2018
Public Interest Disclosure Act 2002 Procedures

Rates and Charges Policy
Recording of Council Meetings Policy
Related Party Disclosure Policy

Suburb-Locality Signage Policy


Draft Policies






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