Oatlands in the Southern Midlands has the largest number of intact Georgian buildings in a village setting in the country.

It is a unique experience to wander the streets of Oatlands and arrive at Mill Lane on the High Street, which is the entrance to the Callington Mill site. This site comprises a fully operational Flour Mill that dates from 1837, along with the Mill Owner’s Cottage and a range of other buildings that were part of the original industrial site. Take your journey back in time with a tour through the Mill, then enjoy a coffee in the café as you peruse the retail offerings and immerse yourself in the heritage of the site.

The visual cue of the enchanting Callington Mill, with its dramatic “white sails” from the Heritage Highway is your key to a magic experience that will live with you for many years to come; carpe diem – seize the day and the opportunity to visit us.


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