Community Grants

Southern Midlands Council offers grants to not-for-profit organisations that help provide cultural, recreational or community services, programs or resources to the Southern Midlands Community. The purpose of these grants is to provide assistance to the community for projects/activities in the Southern Midlands local government area which are expected to have a positive outcome for the broader community. Applications are called for once a year.

The Small Community Grants Program for 2023/2024 Round 2

The community is advised that Council’s Community Small Grants Program in September 2023 was undersubscribed and Council has decided to run a Round Two which opens on Wednesday 4th October 2023 and closes at 4.00pm on Monday 13th November 2023.

Round 2 Flyer

Grant Guidelines
Application Form Round 2
Application Form Round 2

Applications can be lodged at either the Oatlands or Kempton Office, or lodged electronically at

Full acquittal is required by 30th July 2024.

Further Information & Assistance For further information or assistance with your application please contact Council’s Deputy General Manager, Andrew Benson on 62545050 or email:



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