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Monday 24 June 2019

Welcome to the Southern Midlands

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Welcome to the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, where a blend of good old fashioned values and modern ideas co-exist. The Southern Midlands Council is a rural local government authority with approximately 3800 rateable properties and 6000 persons scattered throughout the districts.

Towns and localities include Mangalore, Bagdad, Broadmarsh, Elderslie, Dysart, Kempton, Melton Mowbray, Oatlands, Tunbridge, Tunnack, Parattah, Woodsdale, Levendale, Runnymede, Colebrook, Campania and Rekuna.

Latest News

Dog Attacks

Posted Friday, 14 June 2019, 7.55pm

Council has recently received an increase in the reported number of dog attacks on stock in the Southern Midlands Council area. All dog owners are reminded of their responsibilities with regards to containing their dogs on their property at all times, unless under the effective control of a responsible person. Dogs wandering at large are a risk to pedestrians, vehicles, stock and other animals.

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Kempton Health & Wellbeing Expo

Posted Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 2.00pm

Come along on the 25th June 2019 between 10am and 1pm at the Kempton Memorial Hall and have your say about the new Kempton Community Health Centre - this Expo is aimed at identifying the community need & support for the above services.  

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Oatlands Commissariat Interpretation Plan - Public Comment invited

Posted Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 12.00pm

With the recent restoration of the Oatlands Commissariat completed, Council are seeking public comment on the interpretation plan which is designed to assist in understanding the heritage values of the site and engaging visitors in those values.

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IMPORTANT – Phone Number Change

Posted Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 11.00am

Please be advised that the reception phone number for our Kempton Office (incorporating Development and Environmental Services and Community and Corporate Development) has changed.  The new reception phone number is now 03 6254 5050.  

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Southern Midlands of Tasmania, where a blend of good old fashioned values and modern ideas co-exist