Change or Update your Contact Details

It is important to keep your contact details up-to-date so you will receive your rates statements in a timely period.

Change of Address

You can update/change your address and contact details using the Change of Address form found below and returning to PO Box 21, Oatlands, TAS 7120

Change of Address Form

Alternatively, you can change your address details for Southern Midlands Council services by:

sending us an email

visiting our Customer Service Centre in person

Submit changes online

Change of Name

You can change your name details for your Council rates notice with the Change of Name form found at the bottom of this page.

Marriage or Deed Poll

If you are a land-owner and you change your name by marriage or deed poll, Council needs a copy of the official certificate to change the rates ownership record.
You can get a copy of the certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


If a company owns the property and changes the registered company name, Council will need a copy of the change of name certificate.
You can obtain a copy of this certificate from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


If you have joint tenancy ownership of a property and your partner dies, your partner's name can be deleted from the rates notice after Council receives a copy of the death certificate.
This is not the case for tenants in common ownership. Council must receive official notification from the Department of Natural Resources and Water before altering details because ownership doesn't necessarily revert to the surviving partner.

Changing Ownership Details

The current property owner is responsible for the rates debt. When properties are bought or sold the rates need to be adjusted to reflect the new ownership.  Apportionment is usually undertaken by the Solicitors/Lawyers and paid on settlement of the property.
Council alters its property ownership records after receiving official notification from the Lands Titles Office.
Council can't accept change of ownership details from the new owner.

Change of Name


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