Building Surveyors

A Building Surveyor is a Statutory Person that you are required to use before your plans are submitted to Council.  Southern Midlands  Council does not provide Building Surveying Services. 

Some Councils in Tasmania still provide Building Surveying services.

Before submitting your plans to Council you are required to obtain a Certificate of Likely Compliance (CLC) from a Building Surveyor.  The CLC may also place conditions that you need to follow; there may also be conditions for inspections which you will need to contact the Building Surveyor to carry out unless some other arrangements have been made.

While Building Surveyors are educated to practice across a number of disciplines, many are now specialising in one or more of the following areas:

  • Disabled access;
  • Fire safety engineering;
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable development;
  • Construction law;
  • Forensic inspection;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Maintenance of essential services;
  • Private certification;
  • Building materials science;
  • Code development & legislation;
  • Expert witness situations; and
  • Alternative building solutions.


Please visit the Australian Institute of Building Surveyor's web site for further information.

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