If you intend to subdivide land, develop or use land or buildings, or conduct business-related work from home, it is likely that you will need a Council Planning Permit. The Planning Department can assist people with a wide range of land use and development enquiries. Contact us.

Under the Southern Midlands Planning Scheme, various zoning areas apply to the Southern Midlands municipality. Under these zones, there is a Table of Uses and Developments that identify any restrictions within that zone.

Permitted Use or Development:

An application to council must be made to obtain a permit for the development.  Council, must approve the development, but may approve the development subject to conditions.

Discretionary Use or Development:

  1. Variation from specified development standards of planning scheme; or
  2. A land use or development that is considered to have the potential for detrimental impact on the surrounding area.

Application for a permit is required and may be refused or a permit issued with or without conditions.

Prohibited Use:

Not allowed.

Planning Compliance

Water sensitive urban design

Standard Engineering Drawings

Distilleries & Bond Storage

For more information contact Council's Planning Office.


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