General information for lodging a planning application

This information describes the process involved in preparing and submitting an application for development and how the Southern Midlands Council goes about in their assessment of that application.

Planning Permits are required for any use and development that is not considered exempt, ‘NPR’ (No Planning Permit required) or prohibited in accordance with the applicable Planning Scheme. You may require a planning permit from Council prior to undertaking one of the following:

  • Building works/modification including additions
  • Change of use of a building (e.g. from a residence to a B&B)
  • Land clearing
  • Excavation and/or placement of fill
  • Erecting signage
  • Make other modifications to a building or land

This process allows Council to assess a proposal against current regulations to ensure that development fits within the desired character of the area; that neighbour’s rights such as privacy are protected; and no environmental harm is caused to the environment.

Development approval forms the first of 2–3 separate consents. The planning permit process is typically the first of several other approvals that you will require. For instance, you will require a Building Permit for most construction works. You may also require other approvals such as a Special Plumbing Permit for on-site wastewater disposal or approval from Council or other organisations to construct vehicular access or connect your land to reticulated services. You must not commence construction or change of use until all necessary approvals are in place.

It is important to receive a planning permit prior to proceeding with building and other approval processes, particularly in terms of engaging consultants to certify engineering and building plans as the planning permit could require modifications to the building design and additional consulting costs.

Council’s Customer Service Officers are the first port of call for enquiries relating to planning applications and can advise you of whether you will need to lodge a planning application if you are in doubt. If your proposal is of a commercial nature, please contact Council’s Development Services Unit for this advice.

The assessment process

How a planning scheme operates

Assessment timeframes

How to make a representation to a development application

Right of appeal


Penalties for undertaking development without approval

Information requirements for planning approval

If you don’t own the land

Other considerations

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