What is a Planning Permit

A Planning Permit Application (also known as a Development Application) is an application for permission to develop or use land for a particular purpose. It is required for many types of use and development of land set out in the Southern Midlands Planning Scheme 1998.

When is a Planning Permit Application Required?

There are detailed provisions in the Planning Scheme which set out whether a planning permit application is required for particular kinds of use and development. The Planning Scheme also exempts certain kinds of use and development from requiring a planning permit.

Please note that it is an offence to carry out any use or develop land which requires a planning permit under the Planning Scheme, without first obtaining a planning permit from Council and before that planning permit is in effect.

If you intend to buy a property, you should first make sure that it can be used for the purpose that you want it for. Don’t assume that you can start a business on a property just because there is already a business operating there. Similarly, don't assume that a Planning Permit application is not required because there are no building works proposed.

Please note that you may need to obtain other approvals in addition to planning permit approval – such as Building approval.

How to use this service

Please contact Council's Planning section to find out whether a Planning Permit Application is required for a particular use or development of land.

Should you require a Planning Application permit an application form can be obtained by either visiting the Planning/Building and Plumbing Counter at the Council Offices, or downloading a copy of the form the Applying for a Permit Page.

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