Heating Applicances Woodheaters

A person must notify a permit authority (Council is a permit authority), within a specified period after starting the installation, of his or her intention to install a stove, or a heater or similar appliance, which burns oil or solid fuel.

A person who undertakes the installation must notify the permit authority that the installation has been carried out in accordance with the Building Code of Australia within the specified period after the completion of the installation.

The above notifications are to be in an approved, there are two forms you are required to complete and forward to the permit authority and these are:

Heating Appliance Compliance

Heating Appliance Installation

You are required to provide the above forms the above website when:

  • a) Installing a new appliance;
  • b) Installing a second hand appliance;
  • c) Replacing an appliance;
  • d) If the appliance in freestanding;
  • e) If the appliance if built in; or
  • f)If you are replacing the flue.

A permit authority may inspect, or cause an inspection to be made of, the installation and require that the installation be made to comply with the Building Code of Australia.

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