Demolition or removal of a building is considered building work and requires a permit. This work is not exempt from needing a permit under the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations numbers 27, 27A and 28 require that demolition is carried out in a particular way and, as a permit is required, consultation with a Building Surveyor or the Building and Plumbing section of Council will be necessary.

The following documents are required to be submitted to Council:

  1. Certificate of Title, Schedule and Plan (1);
  2. Site plans (3);
  3. Architectural Plans (3);
  4. Outline Plan and procedure of demolition works (3);
  5. Details of proposed work for the protection of persons or property (3);
  6. Certificate of Likely Compliance (3);
  7. All documents referred to on the Certificate of Likely Compliance (3);
  8. A certificate for certifiable work (building) if required under the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008;
  9. and Owner Builder Declaration and Statement if the builder is an owner builder (3).
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