Building Permits

A Building Permit is required for all building work, unless it is exempted from requiring a Building Permit by the Building Regulations 2004, or it has been considered minor alterations or minor repairs by a Building Surveyor who must then notify the Permit Authority of the minor alterations or minor repairs.

You are required to submit the following documentation with Council when making an application for a Building Permit:

  1. Certificate of Title
  2. Schedule and Plan (1)
  3. Site plans (3)
  4. Architectural Plans (3)
  5. Outline Plan and procedure of demolition works if applicable (3)
  6. Details of proposed work for the protection of persons or property (3)
  7. Certificate of Likely Compliance (3)
  8. All documents referred to on the Certificate of Likely Compliance (3)
  9. A certificate for certifiable work (building) if required under the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008;
  10. The documents (if required) referred to in Schedule 2; and Owner Builder Declaration and Statement if the builder is an owner builder (3).

The above documentation is also required when making an application to legalise work that was done without a Building Permit.

For further information please contact Council’s Building Permit Authority on contact.

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