Building Appeals

There are provisions under the Building Act 2000 to appeal building matters, some of these are:

  • An applicant for a building permit, permit to proceed or permit of substantial compliance may appeal to the Appeal Board against the refusal or failure of a permit authority to grant the application
  • Appeal any condition on a Permit
  • Appeal Building and Emergency Orders
  • An owner of a building or land may appeal to the Appeal Board against the exercise of, or failure to exercise, any power by a permit authority under this Act in relation to that building or land. A person may apply to the Appeal Board to determine whether any provision of the Building Code of Australia applies or may be modified in respect of any building work that is proposed to be undertaken by the person
  • An owner or the adjoining owner may appeal to the Appeal Board against the determination of a building surveyor in relation to any protection work not carried out under an emergency order
  • An owner of a building or land, or a building surveyor engaged by such an owner, may appeal to the Appeal Board against a decision made under section 54
  • and There are also appeals in relation to Occupancy Permits, Fire Regulations, etc.

For further information on Appeals and Applications contact:
Building Appeal Board Registrar through:

Workplace Standards Tasmania
Dept of Justice
30 Gordons Hill Road, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018
PO Box 56, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018
Phone 03 6233 7657 (Outside Tasmania)
Local rate: 1300 366 322 (Inside Tasmania)
Fax 03 6233 8338


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