Summer Dig 2012/2013

A little under a year ago a group of archaeological students descended upon Oatlands in the Southern Midlands to uncover what they could about the towns convict history. The students uncovered the gallows and the solitary cells of the unique Oatlands Gaol. This summer the program will run again with the aim of uncovering more about the history of the town.

Students will come from all over Australia to participate in the Oatlands summer 2012/2013 archaeology program. This program aims to equip Australian students with essential workplace skills whilst at the same time providing insight into the history of the town and of Tasmania.

Living History and the convict past in Central Tasmania

Trench Side Tours

There will be a public open day on Sunday the 10th of February with tours of the archaeological findings and of the historic section of town. Bookings are essential and they will sell out fast.

In addition, the Centre for Heritage at Oatlands will be running a series of school tours in the week prior to the public open day. Teachers looking for more details should contact Brad Williams at or Samantha Fidge at

For general information on the archaeology and the background of the program please contact Brad Williams or Ilona Bartsch at


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Oatlands Summer Program 2013

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