The district was first named Jerusalem Plains. A tradition held that Jorge Jorgenson named it when a District Constable was searching for stock thieves. However, the district was marked on Thomas Scott's chart of 1824 and was still named that in 1832.

By February 1834 it was called Colebrook Dale, although the use of both names continued for many years. In March 1894 the name Colebrook was officially gazetted. It is thought that the Seven Hills surrounding the town gave the inspiration for the name Jerusalem. The railway station, which burned down in 1967 had a Star of David worked in the fretwork.

Historic Walks

The Colebrook Progress Association offers a chance to take a stroll through history and enjoy country hospitality on the 1st Sunday of each month (depending on numbers).
Walk through the village of Colebrook and visit the old Jerusalem Probation Station, St James' Anglican Church, with it's beautiful stain glass window, and St Patrick's Catholic Church designed by Augustus Welby Pugin.

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