Our Reserves and Sanctuaries

Reserves in the Southern Midlands provide an opportunity for visitors to step back in time and experience the landscape, flora and fauna of the region in relatively natural condition. Most of the reserves are small by Tasmanian standards but are special in that they protect features that have a uniquely midlands flavor such as: grassland flora rich in threatened species; saltpan lakes; ephemeral wetlands; sandstone escarpments and dry sclerophyll woodland.

The Township Lagoon Nature Reserve at Tunbridge has the highest concentration of threatened flora in the State and is well worth a visit at flowering time in spring.

Township Lagoon Information
Lake Dulverton Conservation Area at Oatlands is an important wetland for threatened and migratory birds. The Lake offers picnic facilities, trout fishing, boating and overnight camping.
Lake Dulverton Conservation Area Information
Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary is an important reserve for cultural heritage and protection of dry sclerophyl woodland. The Sanctuary provides visitor facilities, detailed interpretive information, and a diversity of walks to suit a range of abilities.Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary Information
Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sancuary Information
The Coal River Gorge Nature Reserve provides an opportunity for the more adventurous to experience spectacular sandstone bluffs and off-track bushwalking.
Coal River Gorge Information
Lake Tiberias, the source of the Jordan River, is situated in the centre of the municipalitynear the locality of Stonor lying at an altitude of 435 m above sea level.  It is a shallow pan lake/wetland with a depth of just a few metres when full and is susceptible to drying out completely during droughts. 
Lake Tiberias Information

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