Local Business Development

Southern Midlands Council supports businesses within the municipality to help ensure their long-term viability and to support them to actively work cooperatively together.

Council provides financial and practical support to the local tourism industry group, the Heritage Highway Regional Tourism Association, and also the broader regional tourism organisation, Destination Southern Tasmania. Businesses involved with tourism (which includes nearly all businesses open to the public) are encouraged to become members of the Heritage Highway Regional Tourism Association and Destination Southern Tasmania to strengthen these organisations’ ability to market and promote the region, and to have a say in shaping these activities.

During the course of 2013 and 2014 Council also undertook the Midlands Economic Development and Landuse Strategy. This identifies and prioritises a series of initiatives for Council to pursue. (Refer below).

Details of Business Forum held on 21st July 2014

Click Here to to view or download Clr Alex Greens Speech to Forum

Click Here to to view or download the Midlands Highway Oatlands Signage Presentation

Click Here to to view or download the Midlands Economic Development & Land Use Strategy (MEDaLS) Stage 1 Final Report

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