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Council adopted the Southern Midlands Arts Strategy in January 2013, which was a document that was developed by Council and its Arts Strategy Working Group, through extensive Community consultation. This document sets out both Council and Community expectations in the “arts space” over the next five years. The Southern Midlands boasts a rich fabric of creative endeavour throughout our local government area in public art such as Folko Kooper’s “shadows of the past” along the Heritage Highway, and through the written word by Levendale’s international bestselling author Rachael Treasure, to name but a couple. This strategy document will provide an opportunity for other creative members of our Community to engage and expand their passion for the arts and maybe follow Folko and Rachael’s success in their chosen field. Council are really pleased to be part of this exciting journey of discovery.

If your interest in “the arts” includes, but is not limited to, music (instrumental and vocal), dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, architecture and allied fields, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic and craft arts, industrial design, blacksmithing, costume and fashion design, motion pictures, television, radio, tape and sound recording, the arts related to the presentation, performance, execution and exhibition of such major art forms, and the study and application of the arts to the human environment. – In short all forms of creative Endeavor, please contact us to become involved in activities.

SMC Community Arts Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

SMC Community Arts Strategy

Creative Communities - Southern Midlands Report 2012

For further information, please contact Andrew Benson, Manager Community & Corporate Development on 03 6254 5050 or

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