Animal Management at Southern Midlands Council principally relates to dogs within our community. Our Animal Management Officers enforce and adhere to the Tasmanian Dog Control Act 2000 and Council’s Dog Management Policy 2011 for the management and laws relating to the controlling of dogs.

Southern Midlands promotes responsible dog ownership and recommends all dog owners:

  • All dogs over the age of six months must be registered and microchipped (unless exempt under Section 15A(2)(b)of the Dog Control Act 2000).  Registration must be renewed by 31 July each year.
  • The owner of a dog must notify the general manager in writing within 14 days of the dog’s death, loss, removal, the transfer of the dog to another municipal area or change of ownership of the dog to another person.
  • Only two dogs or up to four work working dogs can be kept on a property without a kennel license, please contact Council for further information, or to apply for a kennel license.
  • You must have the means on the property to contain the dog(s) on the property.  Fines apply for dogs at large and/or dogs not under effective control.
  • Dogs must be walked on a lead on any road related area, this includes pathways, nature strips and unsealed roads. 
  • Dogs must remain under the effective control of the owner or person in charge of the dog at all times.  This also includes when exercising your dog in a designated off-lead area.
  • The owner or person in charge of the dog(s) is responsible for cleaning up after the dog(s).
  • With the exception of Guide dogs and hearing dogs, all dogs are required to wear a collar with registration tag attached when in a public place.
  • If your dog is impounded, every effort will be made to return the dog home if it has the prescribed identification, (current registration and microchip), and if someone is on the premises.   Impound fees are charged and an Infringement may be issued for any offences committed. 

The Animal Management Officer regularly patrols all urban towns and areas, and an afterhours service is available in case of an emergency (ie dog attack).

The Southern Midlands Council is committed to encouraging the responsible ownership of dogs within its municipal area. To achieve this, it will enforce its responsibilities set out in the Dog Control Act 2000 as well as the Dog Control Amendment Act 2009 and abide by its commitments set out in its Dog Management Policy.


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