Cat Control

New state laws relating to cats has been introduced and came into effect on 1st July 2012.

Domestic cats are a part of many households and are a valued companion pet to may people.  The Tasmanian Government promotes responsible pet ownership and encourages owners to have their pets desexed and microchipped.

Under the Act only registered breeders are permitted to breed cats.  Cats sold or given away must be more that eight weeks old, desexed and microchipped.  The Act also introduces powers to trap, seize or destroy stray and feral cats in certain circumstances and gives land owners and managers the statutory power to control cats found on their land.

Over many years, a feral cat population has become established in Tasmania.  DPIPWE is responsible for coordinating efforts to better understand and reduce these impacts.  A statewide plan is being developed to support these efforts.  As part of this, the Invasive Species Branch (ISB) is consulting with key industry and community groups.




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