The Weeding Letters

This collection of letters tell the story of Thomas Weeding, who spent his early years at Weedington in Oatlands. Thomas was later was sent to England to live with his cousin and benefactor (also named Thomas Weeding). In England, he received an education which fitted him for his future career in India.

These hand written letters are from Thomas to his sister Harriet, in Tasmania. They span nearly 30 years from when Thomas was aged 14 right through to his early 30’s. And later in the series, Thomas’s wife Elizabeth continues the letters to Harriet after his death.

These letters were kindly donated to the Southern Midlands Heritage Collection in 2012 by Mrs Catherine Griffiths who had been collaborating with Mr John Goold in researching the Weeding Family Tree. And now that they have all been transcribed by our team, the contents of the letters along with photos will be released on this page and an upcoming exhibition of them will be available soon within the Oatlands Gaolers Residence.

Letter 1 Malden annotated
Letter 2 Mecklenburgh Square 6th January 1845
Letter 3 Tooting School Sept 16th 1846 annotated
Letter 4 annotated Michaelmas 1846
Letter 5 19th June 1848 annotated
Letter 6 Haileybury College 23 January 1851
Letter 7 Cricket India and the Great Exhibition July 1851 
Letter 8 India dating revolvers and photography
Letter 9 Bombay exams Hindoostanee and the gold rush
Letter 10 Life in India Collectors and Rebellion
Letter 11 Disease gold rush, bush ranging and urban myth
Letter 12 Gunpowder explosions and scarlet fever
Letter 13 Steam Ships the Royal Society and Aussie idiom 
Letter 14 Candesh May 16th 1854 annotated

 The Weeding Letters

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