Main Route Highway 1

Travelling south along the Heritage Highway, Highway 1, also known as the Midland Highway, from Ross, take in:

Tunbridge > Woodbury > AntillPonds

Oatlands historic town > Jericho

Melton Mowbray (Alternate route from Jericho to Melton Mowbray is via the Lower Marshes and Apsley)

Kempton historic village (once known as 'Green Watering Holes' and 'Green Ponds'

Then back onto the Highway, past Dysart, to Bagdad.

From Bagdad visit Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary, the setting for the children's classic adventure story They found a cave, written by Nan Chauncy. Turn into Chauncy Vale Road and follow the signs.

Once back on the Highway continue south to Mangalore and on into Pontville and Brighton (Alternate route from Kempton to Brighton is via Elderslie and Broadmarsh.)

At Brighton, make your way onto the Tea Tree Road which takes you into the wine region of the Coal River Valley, to Campania (and then north to Colebrook); or south to Richmond.

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