Award History

Australia Day Award Recipients - presented 2019

Citizen Award - Mrs Gabrielle Watkins
Young Citizen Award - Miss Ashley McOrist-Mitchell
Community Event Award - Heritage & Bullock Festival

Australia Day Award Recipients  - presented 2018

Citizen Award - Mrs Karen Dudgeon
Young Citizen Award - Miss Rebekah Iles
Community Event Award - Oatlands Golf Club "B Grade Championships"

Australia Day Award Recipients - presented 2017

Citizen Award - Mrs Christine Dean
Young Citizen Award - Miss Tiarna Porter
Community Event Award - 'The Big Load' Working Bullock Festival Committee

Australia Day Award Recipients - presented 2016

Citizen Award - Mrs Shirley Bailey
Young Citizens Award - Mr Brady Robins
Community Events Award - Rotary Club of Oatlands - Oatlands 8 Fun Run

Australia Day Award Recipients - - presented 2015

Citizen Award - Mr Irvin Kean & Mrs Keitha Kean
Young Citizens Award - Mr Connor Grice
Community Events Award - Woodsdale Memorial Wall and Garden Opening

Australia Day Award Recipients - presented 2014

Citizen Award - Mrs Margaret Ball
Young Citizen Award - Miss Lisa McConnon
Community Event Award - Melton Mowbray Rodeo

Australia Day Award Recipients - presented 2013

Citizen Award - Mr Brian Fish
Young Citizen Award - Miss Kirilee Porter
Community Event Award - Oatlands Bowls Club (Christmas Pageant)

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