Unsolved crimes of the Heritage HighwaySkulduggery

Skulduggery is a game that gives you the chance to solve mysterious crimes that actually happened 170 year ago along the Heritage Highway.

The first three games in the series are set in the beautiful and historic towns of Oatlands, Ross and Longford. Skulduggery will test the skills of budding super sleuths, excite the history buffs and provide great entertainment for the whole family.

Real life Tasmanian mysteries

Skulduggery taps deep into the region's history and identity. The game's characters and events have been meticulously resurrected from the Van Diemen's Land archives. Follow the adventures of the enigmatic central character, convict field policeman, John James, who ranges the highway on the trail of trouble. Can you succeed where he failed?

How do I play?

You will need to purchase the game, follow the story and fin the clues to solve the mysteries. Clues will be found in unexpected places and in participating business establishments in each of the towns. It's more fun than a ton of rum!

Getting a copy of the game

In Oatlands you can buy any of the three Skulduggery games at the Uniqueness of Oatlands Visitor Centre, located in the Oatlands Newsagency and Gift Shop 65 High Street Oatlands.


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