How Rates are Calculated

Southern Midlands Council uses a property’s Assessed Annual Value (AAV) as provided by the Valuer General. If you want to find out more about property valuations.

Council then multiplies a property’s AAV with a cents-in-the-dollar figure determined by Council for each type of rate.

For example a property might have an AAV of 12,000 and Council determines that the general rate for the year will be 6.62 cents in the dollar. This property would then be charged $794.40 for its General rate (12000 x .0662).

General Rates

This charge covers a variety of services including:

  • roads, footpaths and kerbing
  • parks and gardens
  • planning
  • immunisation
  • community halls
  • community activities
  • administration


The Revaluation Rate is levied to cover the cost of the periodical full revaluation of the municipality by the Valuer General. If you want to find out more about property valuation.

Fire Levy Rate

The Fire levy is collected on behalf of the State Fire Commission (this is not Council owned or operated).

Waste Bin charges

Council charges a flat rate for garbage wheelie bins and recycling wheelie bins.  Find out more about Council’s waste services.

All Council rates are GST exempt except for waste bins on Commercial properties.


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