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Council’s Strategic Plan in its current general layout was adopted prior to the commencement of the 2006/07 financial year. This layout is different to other organisation’s Strategic Plans as it provides the five Strategic Themes along with their respective and associated underpinning aims. For example the objective of the Strategic Theme of Infrastructure is ‘The need to maintain, improve and maximise the Community benefit from infrastructure provided by Council’.  What in essence does that mean well, we underpin that with the following;

  • 1.1            Roads;
  • 1.2            Bridges;
  • 1.3            Walkways / Cycleways and Trails;
  • 1.4            Lighting;
  • 1.5            Buildings;
  • 1.6            Sewer / Water and Energy;
  • 1.7            Drainage;
  • 1.8            Waste; and
  • 1.9            Information Communication Technology

With providing ‘What we are aiming to achieve’ for each of those areas and also the Key actions to achieve our aims.

We follow this same layout across the five Strategic Themes.

This makes for a large document that we use as a ‘blue print’ for the future of the Southern Midlands local government area. 

The Strategic Plan has been based on information and advice provided through Community consultation with members of the Southern Midlands Community at a number of levels, as well as discussions with the elected members of Council and advice provided by Council officers.

The Strategic Plan ‘informs’ the tasks & content of Council’s Annual Operational Plan.

The Strategic Plan was last (desk top) reviewed in May / June 2022. 

This review provides an opportunity for additional input from the Community, for Council to consider in mapping the future of the Sothern Midlands.

Sessions will be held, Oatlands, Campania and Kempton, please refer to the attached notice for times and dates.

Session Times

A copy of the updated Strategic Plan is attached below and will be the basis of the sessions. 

Strategic Plan Updated for review

Please come along and bring your thoughts and aspirations for Southern Midlands to share with us.

Posted Friday, 1 March 2024, 9.00pm

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