The Future of Local Government Review Public Consultation Meetings

Community Forum

The Southern Midlands Council will conduct the following meetings for the purpose of engaging with the community, and to seek feedback and direction regarding the local government reforms being proposed by the Local Government Board.
The major reform issue being proposed by the Local Government Board relates to proposed boundary changes / mergers. In respect to the Southern Midlands Council area, the Board has identified four scenarios, all of which will see significant changes to the current municipal boundaries.
Council is particularly keen to seek the views of the community regarding these scenarios.

Meeting Details:

Location: Memorial Hall - 89 Main Street, Kempton
Date: Thursday 6th July 2023
Time: 5.30 pm

Location: Oatlands Community Hall – 1 Gay Street, Oatlands
Date: Tuesday 11th July 2023
Time: 5.30 pm

Location: Campania Community Hall - Reeve Street, Campania
Date: Thursday 13th July 2023
Time: 5.30 pm

All members of the community are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions.
Should you seek any information in advance of these meetings, please contact the General Manager (Tim Kirkwood) on telephone 62 545000, or alternatively, visit the ‘Future of Local Government Review’ website

Edwin Batt

Posted Monday, 3 July 2023, 9.00am

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