Proposed Tourist Accommodation Facility in Oatlands

Southern Midlands Council will soon be actively seeking proposals from the private sector to build and operate a 30+ room accommodation facility in Oatlands. The lack of such a facility in Oatlands has long been identified as a crucial missing piece in the region’s visitor infrastructure. Able to accommodate a coach full of tourists, it would open our tourism economy to a new market segment.

Council has identified a preferred site through an analysis of all possible sites in and around the town. The site is made up of two adjoining land parcels; 10 Barrack Street (State owned) and 16 Barrack Street (Council owned). This combined site, of approximately 5,590m2, is fully serviced and is considered to be the most conveniently located in regard to the town’s attractions, the most desirable for a potential developer/operator and likely the most readily available to a developer/operator.  Furthermore, it has no direct residential neighbours.  A key issue is that it is located within the Callington Mill Heritage Precinct in the Planning Scheme and the proposal would have to be carefully designed to comply with the Scheme’s design-related provisions.

To provide further information to the community and seek feedback, Council will be holding an Information Drop-In Session from 2:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday, 5th of August at the C.T. Fish Building, 70 High Street, Oatlands. The display material will subsequently be exhibited in the building’s windows for a further week. 


Posted Friday, 17 July 2020, 3.15pm

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