Dog Attacks

Council has recently received an increase in the reported number of dog attacks on stock in the Southern Midlands Council area. All dog owners are reminded of their responsibilities with regards to containing their dogs on their property at all times, unless under the effective control of a responsible person. Dogs wandering at large are a risk to pedestrians, vehicles, stock and other animals.

Dogs are instinctively predatory pack animals and straying dogs will regularly gather other ‘pack members’ when wandering at large. This formation of a pack increases their strength and ability to effectively attack stock. ANY dog breed is vulnerable and capable in this situation.

The Dog Control Act 2000 states that;

S41. (3) A person carrying out primary production relating to livestock on rural land or any other person acting under his or her authority may destroy any dog at large found on that land.

Any dogs attacking a person or animal, (this includes biting, menacing or harassing), may be seized and destroyed by an authorised person.

Please contact Council’s Animal Management Officer on 6254 5050 during normal business hours for further information.

Posted Friday, 14 June 2019, 7.55pm

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