New Roadside Recycling and Waste Collection Service

Residents and businesses on the kerbside collection service are informed that Council will be implementing changes to the service in August this year.  Not in June/July as previously advised. 

The changes will be a fortnightly collection service for all collections and the replacement of the current 140lt wheelie bin (for general waste) and the replacement of the 55lt crate (for recycling) with two (2) new 240lt wheelie bins.  All current bins and crates will be collected by Council and replaced with the new 240lt bins. For residents already on the fortnightly collection service, your current 240lt bin will also be replaced with a new 240lt bin.

Council will mail all households and businesses on the kerbside collection service with the new fortnightly collection times and the dates for replacing the existing bins and crates.

Council will commence the replacement of old crates and bins with new 240lt wheelie bins on the following dates - Please allow 1-2 days for Council to replace:

Bagdad, Mangalore, Pontville - Wednesday 8 August 2018
Woodsdale, Levendale - Thursday 9 August 2018
Dysart, Kempton, Melton Mowbray - Wednesday 15 August 2018
Oatlands - Thursday 16 August 2018
Campania, Colebrook - Thursday 16 August 2018
Tunbridge, Jericho - Thursday 16 August 2018
Broadmarsh, Elderslie - Monday 20 August 2018

Council’s waste contractor, Thorp Waste, will commence a fortnightly collection service for all ratepayers/residents currently on the collection service after the bins and crates have been replaced. Both waste and recycling will be collected on the same day. The new fortnightly collection service will commence on the following dates - all bins must be out by 6am on the day:

Campania, Colebrook, Woodsdale, Levendale - Thursday 23 August 2018 
Oatlands, Tunbridge, Jericho - Thursday 30 August 2018
Bagdad, Mangalore, Pontville - Wednesday 22 August 2018
Dysart, Kempton, Melton Mowbray, Broadmarsh, Elderslie - Wednesday 29 August 2018

Under normal circumstances there would be no price increase to allow for the new service, however, an increase of approximately 5% will be applied to the annual household collection service charge effective 1st July 2018.  This is necessary to meet increased costs of recycling and landfill disposal.  The increase in disposal costs are being experienced nationwide.  The increased costs to recycling are due to the recent import restrictions and bans imposed by China’s Green Sword Policy (China is the largest importer and processor of recyclables in the world). 

Council expect the changes will be a greater convenience to ratepayers and provide the opportunity to increase the recycling rate for Southern Midlands.   A full report on the rationale behind the change was provided to Council at the January 2018 meeting and is available on Council’s website.

New Roadside Recycling and Waste Collection Service Flyer

Posted Saturday, 28 July 2018, 9.00am

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