Local Government Elections

If you are currently on the State Electoral roll for an address in the municipal area, or on the Council General Manager’s roll, you are enrolled for local government elections.

Are you enrolled to Vote?

You may apply to enroll on the General Manager’s Roll if:

  1. You own or occupy land in the municipal area (but are not eligible to be on the State roll for the area);
  2. You are the nominated representative of a corporate body which owns or occupies land in the municipal area.

To enroll on the General Manager’s Roll, forms are available at both the Oatlands and Kempton Council offices.

If you have changed your name or address, since the last election - please advise the State Electoral Commission for the State Electoral Roll or the Council for the General Manager’s Roll.

Local Government Elections in Tasmania

2018 Local Government Elections

Elections will now be held every four years in all 29 municipal areas for the positions of mayor and deputy mayor and councillors (all in all out).  Where required, by-elections are held concurrently for vacancies that have occurred since the last elections.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) supervises the conduct of elections in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993. Elections by postal ballot have been held approximately biennially since 1994, with the next elections due in October 2018.

Since 2000, mayors and deputy mayors have been elected directly by the electors in all municipal areas. Previously, in most councils, mayors and deputy mayors were elected by the councillors at the first meeting of a new council.

Candidate information booklets and complete election results for the state are available from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission

Casual vacancies

Casual vacancies are filled by recount where possible, unless the vacancy occurs within 6 months of a forthcoming election. Only unelected candidates from the relevant election may contest a recount. A candidate elected at a recount serves until the next council election. If a recount is not possible, a by-election is held—with the candidate elected to serve for the remainder of the term of office of the original councillor.

Elector polls

A council may hold an elector poll on any issue it determines. It may also be required to hold an elector poll following petitions from electors in accordance with Part 6 of the Act. A council is not bound by the result of an elector poll.

Electoral system

Voting in Tasmanian local government elections is not compulsory. Elections for councillor positions are conducted using a system modelled on the Hare-Clark method of proportional representation used in Tasmanian House of Assembly elections.

Mayoral and deputy mayoral elections use a preferential system similar to that used for Tasmanian Legislative Council and federal House of Representatives elections.

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