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Council would like to remind all residents/ratepayers on the roadside collection service that ordinary waste and unapproved materials must not be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin.  This includes food scraps, timbers, nappies, organic matter, plastic bags or hazardous materials etc.  Please do not tie recyclables together with string or twine. Please do not place your recyclables in plastic bags. 

A list of approved recyclables is provided on Council’s website by Clicking Here 

Waste material that enters the recycling bin is considered a “contaminant”.  This may result in Council being penalised by the materials recovery facility (that sort the recyclables) or even forced to direct contaminated recyclables to landfill.

Council’s waste collection contractor Thorp Waste has video monitoring in the truck that records all materials that are collected from each bin.  Council is to be notified by the Contractor of any contaminants found in the recyclables.  Council will put a ratepayer/resident on notice to cease poor practice.  Should a ratepayer/resident continue to place waste material in the recycling bin then they risk losing the collection service or being avoided by the contractor. 

So please manage what you put in your recycling bin. Contaminants cause additional costs to Council and the ratepayer.  Contaminants ruin the recycling initiative and good will of ratepayers to “do the right thing”.  Be mindful there are people physically handling and sorting your recyclables by hand. Do not expose these people to hazardous materials such as nappies, animal matter, medical waste, solvents or other chemicals.  Contaminants can risk people’s health and well-being.

Council thank you for your co-operation and goodwill.

Posted Tuesday, 17 March 2020, 4.00pm


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