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Household Waste and Recycling replacement bin program is nearly completed.

Ratepayers on the roadside collection service for household waste and recycling are advised that the replacement bin program is nearly completed.  We thank you very much for your cooperation, patience and goodwill.

Council Officers are aware there are still a number of old green lid wheelie bins still being used for roadside collection.  These bins are no longer the approved bin for roadside collection and must not be used. Our contractor Thorp Waste is contracted to collect the approved Southern Midlands red lid bins and yellow lid bins only.

We advise that should you place an unapproved bin out for collection then Council will collect and remove such bins without notice.

Properties that use an unapproved bin also risk such bins being avoided at time of collection.

If you still have an old green lid wheelie bin or crate then contact Council on 6254 5000 and we can arrange pickup.  If you are on the waste collection service and have not yet received your new bins either the yellow lid recycling bin or the red lid waste bin then please call us as soon as possible and we can arrange delivery.  We can also check to ensure you are registered on Council’s roadside collection service.  We advise that each new bin has a unique number registered with the property. 

The standard charge for properties on the collection service is $165 per annum.  This provides 1 x red lid wheelie bin for waste and 1 X yellow lid wheelie bin for recycling and a fortnightly collection.  Council will allow additional bins in special circumstances at the written request of the ratepayer. If approved then Council will charge double the standard rate. 

Posted Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 9.00am

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