Registration & Licences

fees for 2017/2018


  • Dog Entire                                                                           $40.00
  • Dog Desexed                                                                      $30.00
    (Vet certificate or statutory declaration required)       
  • Greyhound/Working Dog/Purebred Dog                      $30.00
    (Certification required, GRT, ABN, TCA) 
  • Dangerous Dog/Restricted Breed/Guard Dog             $90.00
    (Declared by General Manager)
  • Guide Dogs/Hearing Dogs                                               No Charge
  • Pension Concession/Health Care Card - 50% discount off one dog only


  • Replacement of Registration Tag                      $10.00


    • Kennel Licence Application Fee                        $120.00
    • Kennel Licence Renewal Fee                             $50.00

Impounding Reclaim Fees

  • First Impounding (minimum)                            $20.00 
  • Subsequent Impounding Fees (minimum)     $40.00
  • Maintenance Per Day (minimum)                    $10.00
  • Formal Notice of Complaint Fee                       $50.00

Dog Registration - Licences and Permits


From 1 July 2017 Southern Midlands Council will be issuing ‘lifetime tags’ for your dog’s registration. These new tags are a small metal disc with your dog’s unique registration number and Council’s contact number on one side, with the other side blank for you to engrave your contact details if you choose

All fees payable under the Dog Control Act 2000 will be determined by the Council (s 80 Dog Control Act 2000). The schedule of fees will be set annually prior to the end of May in each year and will be in line with the financial year, i.e. 1st July to 30th June.

 Fees subject to this section include:

  • Registration fee
  • Formal notice of complaint
  • Licence applications and renewals (Division 7)
  • Impounding reclaim fee
  • Impounding maintenance fee
  • Replacement tag fee

In addition to setting a schedule of fees, Council will also determine categories of dog registration, discounted registration fees and the required evidence in order to claim a discounted registration fee.

Refund of registration fees will only be provided for dogs that have died or those that have been de-sexed in the current year of registration. Any refund provided is on a pro-rata basis as at the time application.

The Southern Midlands Council will transfer dog registrations from other Tasmanian Councils at no cost to the dog owner, provided the registration is for the same registration period. However a tag fee will apply.

Application Forms, Documentation & Other Links

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