Mobile Food Vendor Documents and Information


Council have adopted a Policy to allow for Mobile Food Vendors to operate from identified locations on public land in the Southern Midlands Municipality.

The approved locations are identified in the Mobile Food Vendor Policy, along with the regulations for vendors.

Click Here and you will be directed to Councils Current Policy Page


A Mobile Food Vendor Permit is required for any operators that wish to take part in this activity. An application to Council must be submitted and approved before operation can commence.

A fee is payable in accordance with Council’s fee schedule, with 3 month and 12 month options available.

Mobile food vendor application form

Mobile food vendor application form

Click Here and you will be directed to the Schedule of Fees Page


If you have any concerns with the operation of Mobile Food Vendors in the municipality please complete a feedback form and return to the Development & Environmental Services office.

Mobile food vendor feedback form

Mobile food vendor feedback form

If you require further information, please contact our Development and Environmental Services Office on 03 6254 5050




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